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高靖榕|毛毡价格"Meng up? Why are you here?" Lyu3 bu4 sit on a horse, looking at ma chao brothers and north palace leave, frowning way, whether oneself come back late, big camp already break up?Besides, moon people has been the huns, tu each attack, by the moon people lake terrain to escape, not long ago, just to send someone to help, now angel haven't go, now although xiongnu recede, but since last year, the first world war, the rouzhi roamed to get a lot of benefits, so by tu, zero and Wolf qiang to attack, even has a moon people the right of the lake, also gradually some carry not to live, you have to send someone cool to come to the west for help.Zhaoyun some messy, they left the central plains this year, what happened? Should be destroyed by cao cao lv bu, suddenly became the yong cool Lord, the hussar riding general, big man son-in-law?

Damn it! Lv bu hand how can have this kind of thing! ?"The Lord speaks highly, and the villain cannot be called a master." The middle-aged man called master pu bowed humbly.In his three hundred guard for the first time after reinforcement, got three hundred minimum are peak levels of war soldiers, after a week to take three hundred enough in the army as the rate of hou, a team of people together, the luxurious degree, is now the world, so now lyu3 bu4, tend to be more to the individual capabilities of ascension, as a result, the role of the row of crossbows are some saw enough, one was a shoot out is lethal, and the direction of the bolt shot is the same direction, are generally of the same enemy, a bolt and is the result of the three was killed and the latter has become some of the waste.高靖榕|Shook his head, perhaps tomorrow, the month will perish, as the king of the month, let him how to sleep, looking at the general, eyes with a bit of hope way: "sent to ask for help? When will general fei's reinforcements arrive?"

高靖榕|"Fengxiao, why are you so sure lv bu will win?" Xun yu look to the country, some don't understand, after all, lyu3 bu4 for them, puyang, xuzhou, xun yu ask yourself is to give the person to feel, in principle, lyu3 bu4 yong yong yi, also can't say no, but character is not able to make up easily, but lu bu in west cool a good show, they completely reverse the past impression, crowd, there is only a country often concluded that contrary to all, but the ultimate facts but always prove his seemingly fanciful expression can often hit the nail on the head hitting the key."Don't worry." The abjection scribe stabilized once mood, in the eyes of the hatred, shook his head, xiao suo said: "tomorrow I will leave chang 'an, will not cause trouble for your excellency, help your excellency bright future.""Western regions."

"The idea of bringing the power of heaven and earth to my use is somewhat similar to the dragon bone chariot, but somewhat different." Chen gong stood with lv bu in the workshop at the bottom of the windmill, watching the wind blades made up of four pieces of canvas rotating in the wind, passing through the machine, and pushing the stone mill. The prepared food was poured into the mill and ground into flour, which was much faster than the efficiency of manual grinding.A strong man took the huge horn off his back and blew it with his chin."You want me, general?" < / p > < p > after taking care of some matters, re-set the camp, li kan was zhang liao summoned to the account, the face again spread the flattering smile, but at this time zhang liao has no mood to hate what, li kan today set great achievements is a fact, zhang liao will not because of personal preference to do things.高靖榕|




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