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变女生之天堂之路|杭州渡口网络科技有限公司"There is one thing, is my own guess, but still hope, general uller can warn khan. After a moment of silence, lyu3 bu4 sink a track.Falling in after the first world war, grant also calculated to see lombardi, if lombardi victory is good, just need them to these men say some good words, will save ford life, unfortunately, lombardi lost, also proved that ford was right, with lombardi's heart, I'm afraid I won't let ford.When Ule took his life, Began to command the military forces, mighty direction to the king's court, and lyu3 bu4, with the army northward, the news here should soon be sent to kirby can there, their previous arrangements, also should play a role, next, is to provoke murong gui, TaBaJi powder and kirby can antagonism, and then unite them, pick up kirby can together.

"Master, step root this time but with twenty thousand troops, the TaBaJi powder and begging fu tribe, only more than ten thousand military forces, even if not win, also won't lose?" Sentence tu and upright when standing behind lyu3 bu4, puzzled asked.Arrogance faded a lot, respectfully to cao cao a salute: "at, see tsao gong."Without imaginary punishment, he was promoted to an official position. Jiang Li, with a smile on his face, fell to his knees. Lang said, "Thank you very much for your promotion at the end of the day."变女生之天堂之路|"Is there no compromise?" Zhaoyun frown way.

变女生之天堂之路|As for training a female soldier? Lyu3 bu4 can not that idea, time does not allow, and there is no need, after this battle, if the women want to, he will send them to the western regions, Addis, night owl camp work, is hidden in the dark, spying on intelligence, assassination, rather than direct combat, these women in this regard, perhaps more appropriate than men."Lyu3 bu4, you die today, what else can you say?""Khan!" In the king's tent, lyu3 bu4 did not care about the snub of kui head, see banquet almost, just look to kui head way: "I have a question."

Lyu3 bu4 put on clothes, sitting on the side of the bed, the mind did not lose the ability to think because of extreme hyperactivity, but become more calm, indifferent to sit on the bed beside the tub, cold to see the woman's delicate body against the tub slowly slipped, but still immersed in the aftermath of a long time can not return to mind.But the victory of guandu war, lyu3 bu4 prairie victory news, make lombardi, cao cao, lyu3 bu4 before the existence of a weak balance was broken, was originally cao and lombardi together against lombardi, but with the defeat of lombardi, cao cao momentum, this short-lived alliance is automatically lifted."Click ~"变女生之天堂之路|




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