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越洋吟月|鲸鲨脑素"Mother and child are well.""Fair enough." Nodded, lu bu laughed, cao cao can at least take out 50,000 troops of the forage, lu bu here all aspects of the belt tightening, but also just out of a thousand people of the forage, literally, yuan shao now yawn, can attract a number of enough to encircle him.Chapter 62 the ugly ghost

Thousands of tu the warriors, see the enemy unexpectedly fight dismounted, more excited, from a distance, is a wave wheel riding and shooting, cold JianCu together into a cluster of arrows rain in the air shut down toward a title of generals in ancient times the camp, rattled only heard a burst of disorderly, JianCu shot on the armor of a warrior, more than half the armor bounce off, even able to break through the first layer of defense, also cannot penetrate.While Chen gong, zhang already seems to be some mischief, but after all is a female tiger door, Addis follow lyu3 bu4 crisscrossed, knowledgeable, who don't like a sewing, but like knives guns, or working on art of war, soldiers from practice is not weak, at first the sharper soldiers still in the office with something of the idea of take advantage of, but then, the help is Addis build ShaQi to teach them how to female points minutes.越洋吟月|Lv bu raised the halbert of the square day painting in the hand, the touch of cold feeling spreads along finger skin to every corner of the body, the deep voice echoes in the field.

越洋吟月|"Wait! Not your majesty!" A qiang quickly stepped forward to stop burning when Lao wang, shen voice way: "your majesty still remember that horse teng is how dead?"The face of each king of the tu suddenly a black, suddenly a foot once again will tanu kick down: "these two fools, my tu each important matter dead, they thought they ran? How many people did lv bu bring?""This man says he can help us." Lu lingqi shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the ugly young man.

"You wait to judge a person by his appearance, in vain I have all learned, mind of the world, to offer liu biao, do not want liu biao should be so slow, hum, even if you invite me to come, I will not come! Youth young, listen to the voice, and even a few years younger than Addis, but looks ugly, with a pair of upturned nose, but no self-knowledge, eyes are carried head, stout, let him look at people, let the other side even the number of his nose hair can clear, facial features is very distinctive, mix together, absolutely can't let your life to see the second eye impulses, it happened that the tone very arrogant, as if not angered the other will never give up."Well!"< / p > < p > soon, a group of juyan city guards appeared in juyan city, will be a line of lu lingqi came in.越洋吟月|





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