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雨樱花伴奏|老苗汤价格"Military secrets? Lv bu shook his head and said, "this is not urgent. Let him tell zhou yu where liu bei stored his grain. It is time for the farce of the alliance to end."Chapter 76 loyalty"That also asks Lord to help ~" jia xu smiles to put ten zhang books on lv bu table case.

Lyu3 bu4 to military rule, and fight for the men, not just defend, can also get a lot of reward, according to the military reward, not only the glory, more affordable, makes lyu3 bu4 under soldiers like hungry wolves have enormous desire for war, but cao cao can not under this treatment, the momentum are ok, but if the time is long, especially in the case of casualty rate greatly, jun can bring forth the gung-ho soldiers nature, once the mood spread, the Cao Caoke even back this chance is gone.Is long pedigree, but separate from urinate practicing martial arts, not in Athens, but neglect a dozen strong man, also won't close, but in the face of this group of women, separate proud martial art in front of the other party didn't have any effect, had he not look wrong, and this help women seem to want to capture him, let he annul, otherwise, at the moment, he was an icy bodies.< / p > < p > the battle lasted nearly half an hour after, gradually stopped, 500 jiangdong soldiers were shot dead, zhang fei took a look at zhou an's body, feel some wrong, ordered people to clean up the battlefield at the same time, hurried back to the camp with the troops, there, zhuge liang is looking at the map of jingzhou.雨樱花伴奏|"Uncle to the jiangxia army, these years also did not see zhou yu can get cheap, kongming, do you want more? Zhang fei frowning way, although it sounds like that is the case, but think carefully and think that is unlikely, zhuge liang but the area along the river was full of beacon towers, zhou yu's any action, I am afraid that zhuge liang can not escape the eyes and ears, in this case, zhang fei felt zhuge liang some careful overdo.

雨樱花伴奏|Fracture after another round of bolt, many shield, and shield the car is under the suppression of bed crossbows, to within a distance of two hundred steps, jun crossbowman along those big shield gouges where whole pieces were missing began to internal archery, sword and shield the soldiers quickly to meet, to the other side of the JianCu down, crossbowman also started to outbursts, but this time, because of the protective shield car, after jun crossbow hand arrow, quickly hide into the ballista, greatly reduce casualties."Not only the wangs, the big family of shu, in this more than a month time, was almost cleaned up by liu zhang, I wait in the front for him to kill the enemy, go through fire and water, he is behind the scourge of my family? In that case, why should we remain loyal to him?"As for the official goods is simple, salt and iron are belong to folk ban the sale of things, even if lyu3 bu4, now get out of the refined salt, purified and had my own salt lake, but the trade, still be molded in the hands of lyu3 bu4, including some xiaohong, research of new consumer goods, are sold through official caravan, without official permission, the monopoly is absolutely not allowed to personal selling.

"Subordinates don't see it." Shook his head, ma liang doubt to look at zhuge liang: "I do not know why the adviser doubt this person?"After the baffle of the crossbow, the arrows like a javelin roared out, while dozens of jars shot across the air in a parabola and hit the crossbow. The pungent smell was disgusting. Guan yu frowned and said, "keep shooting!"雨樱花伴奏|




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