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儿女传奇之刺杀玫瑰|安芝玛索胶囊In history, lyu3 bu4, d, are recalcitrant characters, ability is big, high spirits, such characters, want them to really defect, said difficult is not difficult, said simple is not simple, you can make its confidant first, that is to say, ability first have to live in them."Your excellency should at least consider for the people of the whole city, the war together, it is inevitable that innocent people will be affected." Li you face flashed a touch of mockery."I'll find out when I ask." Zhong yao toward the account outside lang track: "bring wei yan messenger in."

"Wen-you, what happened to the academy?" Lyu3 bu4 did not directly say the princess, but asked aimlessly."Master, strategist is here." XiongKuoHai words, interrupted lyu3 bu4 ideas, turned to look, but see marotta don't know when, has appeared in the camp."Korea hence potential big, to make my city, but I now account for soldiers will be few, have to, just to white water qiang for help, this time got white water qiang, it is to go to the west cool, eliminate Korean thief, loyalty to me, I help you revenge!" Lyu3 bu4 laughed.儿女传奇之刺杀玫瑰|After winning power, he also wanted to change the status quo of this anomaly, unfortunately, ultimately lost.

儿女传奇之刺杀玫瑰|"Two generals just in time, tonight is to help me break jun." Wei smiled."Yes, but I can't follow you." North palace from muffled track.The clouds of war with seibel, zhang liao military forces stationed in the north, quickly spread in the West Cool, Korea hence in know lyu3 bu4 after joining the battlefield, and not too big an accident, for him, if can take this opportunity to compromise lyu3 bu4 spirit, hurt its vitality, after annexing d, can take the opportunity to south, the guanzhong land into the bag, with lyu3 bu4 brought millions of people, he will have enough strength, and kanto governors.

"Let us take a look at the map." Marotta nodded, no longer polite, let a palm of the west cool map, pointing to hanyang to: "han sui now, should still be in ji county, this war with Korea is defeated, but still far from the ground, plus last night to escape the west cool army, and burn block qiang military forces, han sui now, usable soldiers, still have hundreds of people!""Gentlemen, master has been waiting for a long time." At the door, already waiting here xu chu forward, to two people see courtesy way."General, there is a sentence, I don't know when to say improperly. Chen Xing hesitated and bowed down.儿女传奇之刺杀玫瑰|




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