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老师你下面太紧进不去|诺雅斐诗Ancient road, the setting sun, the voice of two people was pulled, with a bit of dust, but it is difficult to conceal the two people charm, rare handsome and straight and straight, the heroic woman, do not let the man, look around, a pair of eyes is with a bit of pride.'no! Lv lingqi some exasperated of saw one eye huang grandfather son escape of direction, twist a head to see with zhaoyun fierce battle together of young general, slightly surprised, Yang voice way: "general good skill, can wish to be named?"

"Since you can't keep it, start first!" CAI MAO ruthlessly tunnel: "that strange crossbow fill trouble, I wait for a city, first look for an opportunity and ma chao decisive battle, as long as you can defeat the cavalry, then attack the city will be much easier.Lv bu rode the red rabbit horse, the independent army, the magnificent sea, zhoucang around the separation, three thousand cavalry fighting, smell words stretch out his hand to ask ear way: "what did meng DE say? Somebody didn't hear you, can you come forward?"In June, the hot sun baked the earth, the hot sun, lv bu a military uniform, javelin like standing on the point.老师你下面太紧进不去|Dare is Chen lu bu department, giffin lyu3 bu4 attention to get water, afraid of jun to water attack of lyu3 bu4 collapse, lyu3 bu4 to dare to Chen, has been in upstream patrol, now should be water siege, giffin sent the letters, lyu3 bu4 had also thought that water attack, but that they already arranged tour, there is no news could not, so there is no heart, behold giffin the worries of the day, is finally fulfilled.

老师你下面太紧进不去|< / p > < p > xi cold hum a, but did not answer, the original puyang battle, he really some pick up the suspicion of cheap, lyu3 bu3 fight cao ying six will, and then with him, speaking of, really a bit of the meaning of taking advantage of the danger.The equal-field system was initiated under the auspices of jia xu and pang tong. It was first launched in the two counties of changshan and hejian, where the fighting was most intense."Yes, no wonder." CAI MAO not Yin not Yang sneer at a way: "back Lord qiurong, if I meet such as slaves, perhaps more angry than the wing DE general."

Lu xun wants to defend a set to be close to with the city, but this famous city defends along the way always however cold a face, take lu xun a line of horses and horses to enter a tall palace."Order the officers and soldiers of the armed forces 100 people a team, yi yi enemy side, but dare to approach the edge of the enemy, then shoot with a bow and arrow!" Lv bu's eyes flashed a cool and stern, do not want to retreat, can not retreat, this is the battle of luck, retreat, is equal to lose the opportunity to dominate the north, whether he or cao cao is the same."What happened to yuan shang and yuan tan?" Jia xu asked for lost jiang.老师你下面太紧进不去|




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