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蔡诗萍前女友|破石机"Of course it's Mr. Saving Yuan-chang!" Cao Peng cold hum 1, want to don't want to."Arrange people take turns to patrol, and then send someone to find out the whereabouts of the other huns, others take time to rest, we don't have much time." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, holding the party day painting ji, found a relatively clean place, and clothes sit down, quietly closed his eyes sleep.Beigong from looking at lyu3 bu4, sink a track: "you are very strong, according to our qiang people's rules, since lost, should submit to you, but I want revenge, white water qiang I must."

MiaoShang and satrap mansion officials didn't even have the opportunity to react, was rushed into the mansion like wolves soldiers caught up, guard Yang Ding self-reliance brave, want to resist, was Zhou Cang a knife chop head.But as lyu3 bu4 said, if you don't fight this one, the moon people will sooner or later be expelled from hetao, the huns, or even the extinction of the clan, if a fight, may be able to fight out a great future, but he is not a gambler, this one decision, related to the survival of the whole tribe, a time, some wavering.By right, As one of Cao Cao's most important advisers, Cao Cao is not bad for the country, Leaving aside the salary, Cao Cao's occasional rewards, but also enough for a carefree family in the country to live a few lifetimes, Country should not have been so bleak, unexpectedly sold the house ran to cao fu rub eat and drink, in exchange for any subordinates, can't be so cheeky, even cao cao, for the country is also quite helpless, because compared with the country's daily consumption, the salary plus cao cao from time to time, not enough country profligacy.蔡诗萍前女友|Outside xinfeng city, cao peng rate army left soon, a force of more than five hundred people appeared at the gates, he yi clap horse, hand fork pointed to ChengTou way: "city people listen, I am WenHou account general He Yi, today in the life of WenHou, came to seize the city, my master read heaven has good life, if willing to open the door to surrender, then let bygones bygones be bygones!"

蔡诗萍前女友|When the tiger was locked up, Lyu3 bu4 mighty, To be number one in the world, the name of valor is unparalleled, At that time lombardi to preserve strength, let two people supervise hay, Failed to catch up with the war, after every mention of lyu3 bu4, there is always disobedience, later lyu3 bu4 had a period of time to lombardi, two people want to take the opportunity to challenge, but at that time both sides are friends, lyu3 bu4 new arrivals, also not too offended lombardi love, is to have been unable to world war I, now heard of opportunity to meet lyu3 bu4, have to rise up.On the same day, lyu3 bu4 then packed, with giffin, four big QinBing QinWei and a team, went straight to the white water qiang.Cheng Gongying eyes a bright smile way: "So, not only our thirty thousand han army can all pull out to concentrate on d, and with the deployment of cheng yin military forces, burn when Lao wang will also do a lot of, eighty thousand people stormed d, is plus lyu3 bu4, also enough to destroy it!"

"Very rare, changwen to me changan today, when it is really full of glory!" Lyu3 bu4 will hand bamboo paper spread out: "jewelry ten welcome, jade 100 pieces, gold and silver hundred jin, also brought such a gift, since Meng De has the intention to resolve the conflict, cloth also can't mean, go back to tell Meng De, this thing, when it didn't happen, but this kind of thing, but one and can't, next time can't be so easy to talk about."Marotta thin figure stood on top of diao dou, looking at the han sui army almost no gap in the attack, like a rough wave after wave, just as marotta worried, Korea then desperately.Chapter forty-one cold-blooded蔡诗萍前女友|




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