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周璿|东莞饮料厂Chapter 50 the nestGao shun's office together with wei yan's troops and horses, the area around heluo was settled in 30,000 troops. If these troops and horses were only enough to fight against cao cao, it would be hard to say if liu biao also intervened.Zhang yan complexion white, never thought of a person of courage, unexpectedly have such a power can, want to escape already too late, lu bu even after killing six, distance he has less than ten steps, not to mention his horse as red rabbit, even if it is a red rabbit level, now hair force, it is too late.

"Lord duke has captured taiyuan and ordered wen yuan to cross the river from han Yang to land on the bank. Seibel some laugh way, the current situation, political blocked off river, almost all of the ferry to display the geographical advantage to the extreme, seibel, zhang liao is such a star, also are limited by the river to the dock, and political itself, also have the ability, can now hold positions of power are relative, but gao gan itself can also be very good, at least in the defense, do so.Woman wall, watching these body up and down by the heavy armor of the warriors slowly but firmly climb up, let out a despairing roar.For the world, it is changeable, the battle of guandu unexpected result, the appearance of lyu3 bu4 for zhongyuan governors, and even family, are unexpected misfortune, also make the world turned out to be elusive, the biggest variable nature is lyu3 bu4, harmony cool barren, even lyu3 bu4 then lay the hetao, the western regions, and even the bing, for zhongyuan governors, these places together, may all and not spent on a jizhou rich, so even when lyu3 bu4 occupies a large area, in the eyes of zhongyuan leud and family, lyu3 bu4 is still just a rundown governors.周璿|The next day, jia xu led his men out of ye city overnight. Lv bu attacked the allied camp overnight and tried to make a final attack, which diverted cao's attention and made jia xu's road clear. At dawn, jia xu had led his troops out of ye city without lv bu's presence.

周璿|"General, the last one will be honored!" Pound held the spear still stuck in his body and saluted zhang liao.Now, who can have a bad word to stand in the street said lyu3 bu4, takes care of the next moment will be directly sent to the pang tong, here to add to the chaos pang tong, that kind of feeling, let pang tong couldn't help thinking of the yellow turban insurrectionary disorderly, when he is young, about the yellow turban insurrectionary disorderly, more than half are heard, although there is no experience, but the turmoil of the foundations of the han dynasty uprising pang tong studied more than once."Arrows! Put!" Cao cao surface sink water, at the moment looking at lyu3 bu4 gallop in the array, but calm, shrugged off the front war soldiers, behind him, MAO jie has organized an archer, as cao cao commanded, arrows, cold JianCu grazing land, intensive coverage in lyu3 bu4's azimuth, like mowing the lawn with a harvest of thousands of lives, knight with the coalition was also around the seedling, scrambling began to retreat.

"Be." Jia xu and pang tong nodded at the same time, lv bu waved, two people left."Good! Come and ask general cao to come and help!" Yuan shang gritted his teeth and shouted sharply, at this time, he could not care about what face, so he withdrew lv bu first.Cao cao nodded, which was also an important reason why he dared to indulge lu bu's development. Now it seems that lu bu's appetite is not so small.周璿|




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