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啊好深好痛肉污文|济南桑乐太阳能"Lone carcase! You'll die sooner or later! World hero, hate can not eat your meat! One day, it will hit the nine!" Chen GUI struggles to stand up, but lu bu has a big hand on his head.In the white horse camp, I saw a gallop came to the shaft door, silver gun even point, will come to the arrow cluster all knock fly, look at the internal way: "under the changshan zhao zilong, dare to ask general yu ban where? Will you come and talk?"At that time, even if it is already working with lyu3 bu4 secretly have reached many of jiangdong, sun quan also made a similar means at this time, even with leading such guan yu, zhang fei, liu bei is also forced to strengthen the side guard, in the assassination, and proves that under the condition of battlefield in Athens in the attempt, does not necessarily yes, because they have no.

"Consigliere, is there any fraud?" After settling the soldiers, liu bei looked hesitantly at zhuge liang.Think about yourself, pang tong suddenly felt that his experience with lv zheng is very similar, often thought of this, pang tong had a sense of laughter.Gan ning is very fond of this kind of style, paekche were over the past few years his dozen dozen lost half his temper, gave up the vast fertile soil of the sea and river will now this shot with jun, still works, but was tidied up after several wave, also saw this with cunning, but there is no effective means to deal with this, out of the blue car range enough, but that horrible shooting can not cause much threat to proficient in this war, even if the ship unfortunately been knocked over, people can quickly climbed aboard the boat around the ship continued to shoot, as to the crossbow, except for a handful of two stone rhubarb crossbows, The other crossbows could not reach the range of the crossbow, so they had to be beaten.啊好深好痛肉污文|"What! ?" Chen GUI wenyan face suddenly become pale, Chen deng's two sons, that is the roots of the Chen clan, now unexpectedly......

啊好深好痛肉污文|< / p > < p > zheng xuan is seriously ill, even the divine doctor hua tuo are helpless shaking his head, basically is helpless, kneeling outside these people, may not be zheng xuan disciples, but for zheng xuan this great Confucian, but it is from the heart of respect, heard zheng xuan critically ill, spontaneous to send zheng xuan the last journey.When it was completely dark, pang tong led a large army into the pass, and yangping pass was completely occupied. It also represented that the gate of hanzhong was completely opened. Outside yangping pass, there was the hanzhong plain.In the first game is between Addis and d day camp, although was the military, no more troops, but this strike this bow is game, Addis with zhaoyun married and gave birth to a son, he organized a team specifically target the bow, in changan, even can suppress the other five, six finals but it is the first time, the entire field, as the Addis, many girls, a woman screamed in excitement, for tracing the cause with gu shao rather unwell.

"Ugly ghost, this time father but put you guard a side, you tell me the truth, isn't very excited?" < / p > < p > lu lingqi looked at pang tong, even if now as a mother, but the share of the wild into the bone is how also did not wear off, otherwise will not be a good xiangfu jiaozi do not do, run out to form a team of ju.Seibel one anger will draw out a sword, but be lyu3 bu4 stretched out his hand and stopped, moved a chair/a chair for me to come over, sitting in front of Chen GUI, carefully looked schaaf a long time, shook his head and help Chen GUI adjusted some shaggy warfarin: "good, meet a friend, don't say the sad past, want to han yu is now regret not to."< / p > < p > south door, in zhang yun opened the gate at that moment, suddenly appeared around a large number of xiangyang soldiers, zhang yun complexion changed, harsh voice way: "quick, fire, please liu bei army into the city!"啊好深好痛肉污文|




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