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微笑在我心全集|昆明市高新区管委会Unfortunately, it turns out, on the battlefield of shuddering, fencing role is very limited, Ma Zhan step and completely are two different things, battlefield fight with runescape malicious is opposite, under the environment of fair, he even the fencing sport cao wei Blackpool xu chu, but on horseback, he completely lost his place in fencing, for the first time on the battlefield was unfortunate injuries, also in the name of the history of xu has gradually become a history.Zheng xiaotong silently walked into the room, looking at the closed eyes lying on the bed, wrinkled face, face is very pale, if not chest slightly undulate, almost as dead."Yes, father." Lv zheng nodded, cleverly standing beside the sable cicada.

< / p > < p > riding the general house, lu bu listened to jingxiang sent the latest information, liu bei and CAI MAO did not launch a fierce battle, let the crowd of princes more or less disappointed, but really make lu bu care is not liu bei and CAI MAO both sides, but in the recent frequent occurrence of information in the name.'what man! On the wall of the city, the soldiers guarding the city found something wrong and shouted sharply, but what they answered him was a shower of arrows, and the surrounding army and horses were emptied."Who are you? Such skill, when not nobody!" Lyu3 bu4 waved a wave, beckoned the people around to retreat, coldly stare at the other party horizontal at the sword on lyu3 zheng's neck.微笑在我心全集|< / p > < p > tutai has been stained red with blood, lost the distance advantage of the crossbow soldiers finally failed to suppress the cao army's archers, the remaining troops in the fortifier began to retreat to both sides, with the crossbow arrow constantly contain cao army.

微笑在我心全集|"Drop the crossbow and kill! Zhang liao's eyes flashed a fierce look, a knife rushed to the front of the cao jun even with the plank split into two.The figure of nighthawk appears before lyu3 bu3 body, one knee ground bow way: "nighthawk dereliction of duty, let host and little advocate frighten, sin should die!""General, the enemy is out of the city. The archers behind are scattered!" A general rushed to the two sides of the expansion of the xia hou yuan sad.

"Pei ~" the close guard head spit saliva, toward zhang fei, slowly lifted the long gun in his hand.An eerie calm as the schaaf die pressing, all alert to the attention of the luoyang, in addition to cao cao in preparing, liu2 bei4 busy packing xiangyang recalcitrant CAI, integration of jingzhou military forces, nanyang also started to embattle, instead, lyu3 bu4 after arrived at luoyang, not next step, but began to clean up the people's livelihood, luoyang, alkaline saline field only slaves were deployed to build the city, that was fantastic five elite, didn't also the action.Lv bu nodded and looked at LAN zhan, saying, "this matter is related to my guanzhong tens of millions of people's livelihood.微笑在我心全集|




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