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一女n男高h文|黄龙玉最新信息Burn when the old king must not die, Korea hence is very clear about this, so, after the news, immediately point qi military forces, personally led the troops to war, kill to burn when the camp.When he learned that d came to challenge, Liang Xing was startled, The night attack half a month ago, Killed with cut must abandon the robe has spread in the camp, Also let d prestige earthquake, west cool soldiers will shudder to hear d's name, liang xing dare not snub, he didn't forget between himself and d, but there is the hate of extinction, if the west cool army, d hate is Korea hence, then, I'm afraid, is his liang xing, hurriedly brought people to YuanMen.In a hissing roar, Liu gan suddenly found a flame has been into the array, lyu3 bu4 as if it were really a flame, everywhere, devouring the huns' lives, party day painting ji like dragon wandering, the huns although the crowd, but was lyu3 bu4 killed fleeing, trembling, followed by fighters ruthlessly harvesting a huns life.

A few also found wrong, began to warn loudly call harmony moment by the earth-shaking shout ShaSheng cover up.River bank, looking at the slowly flowing river, the air is full of depressed atmosphere, zhong yao wandering around, last night with three thousand troops out of the camp, until now, but only less than one thousand people defeated, crowded on the not spacious beach, despairing to see seibel troops step by step with steady steps.And now, if said this world who can let d such characters believe? I'm afraid only lyu3 bu4 have the ability, dare to use d and don't have to worry about d rebellion.一女n男高h文|"My name is lyu3 bu4!" Look at the soldiers, lyu3 bu4 slowly opened his mouth, the five thousand cavalry is not elite, or even can be said to be a miscellaneous army, but after this war, they will be made alien fearful, shocked the elite of the world: "big fellow to general west, WenHou!"

一女n男高h文|"People will die." Pound looked at everyone, suppressing the helplessness and resentment in his chest: "There are lighter than feather, there are heavier than Mount Tai, we can retreat, but you know, if we retreat, what does it mean?""Absolutely true." Giffin smiled and nodded.The shield at the gates of the subconsciously raised the shield in their hands.

"General Bo Zhan, bother you with one thousand cavalry, if there is a change, we can also start and end!" Looking at d hurried away, pound sighed, turned his head to Ma Dai way."Meng Qi, make Ming." Looking at them, Marten said with a smile, "This time the Han court came to make envoys, and asked me to join forces with your uncle Wen Yue to beg for the thief Lv Bu, for the father has promised them, to take Meng Qi as the main general, to make the Ming vice, led the troops twenty thousand, to cooperate with the imperial army, to beg for Lv Bu.""Master, recently this period of time when Lao wang constantly gathered all the qiang people, is not to contain it." Yang Qiu hesitated, sink a track.一女n男高h文|





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