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孙玉国近况国检特供酒"But three thousand people, guanzhong fierce, but is also strong bow crossbow, as long as close to the body, the strong bow crossbow again fierce what's the use?" Ma shook his head and sneered.Cheng Fang frowned, but did not worry, even if the other side is fierce, but he has five thousand soldiers here, how can be intimidated by dozens of people, when sink a track: "Your excellency..."Wei got cheap, which will continue to stay here, a knife, rush forward, to avoid the other side of the bombardment, from the horse took off even crossbow, toward the sand mo ke an arrow shot.

A mat Jiang soldiers quietly head, Prepare to take advantage of the height, put an arrow here, however, just bob, heard a stuffy sound, countless arrow cluster spread around him, trunk, the ground and even many rocks, all plugged in by the arrow cluster, the bob of the soldiers including their own team, seven or eight people were nailed to the ground by the cold arrow cluster...."Why did you stop?" Suddenly, guan yu looked back, see a lot of jingzhou soldiers gradually stopped running, can't help but bridle horse frown way.孙玉国近况"No? No way!" Pang tong shook his head: "If not, then take the opportunity to arrest him."

孙玉国近况"Liu bei this person I also know, undeniably, but there is lean posture, but it has lost its timing, location, as for people and..." Pang Tong shook his head and sighed: "Kongming may have never known what the people support, Now in harmony and cool, Almost every family is dedicated to my lord, Lyu3 bu4, while the Saiwai Hu, but also called it the god of war, don 't tell me anything about fighting and keeping the world, Chang 'an is now able to stay up all night unde that rule of my lord, Three years ago, the northwest drought, the people almost no harvest, but under my rule, but no one starved to death, when cao cao sent someone to assassinate my lord, is the anger of the whole country, five states of the people, rushed to sign up for the army, I think that liu bei even if it is really imperial nobles, in addition to that layer of birth, also may not be as good as my lord one thousand. "Looked at a bunch of scholars here to fight red-faced, a word is quotation, there is no certain literature lyu3 bu4 actually quite boring, but had to make a serious listen to the appearance, lest people say there is no dignified.Tardif immediately rose red, into is not, also is not back, look into the tent, guan yu sat outside the tent, armor in all four flat, a pair of red phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, look into tardif's eyes, the disdain is no taboo, see tardif, angry dantian, long track: "tardif son righteousness, how to YuanMen already opened, you?"

"Sunda!" Wei Yan used thousands of mirrors to constantly observe the direction of the enemy, looking for suitable place to put arrows, although some defeated, but also can not blind defeat, at least to find some effective killing enemies and suitable for shooting."I was ordered to meet with general cheng, if it is convenient, want to go to the camp of general cheng and his party.""Kongming, what should I do now? Wei Yen's men were jammed outside the Dianjiang River. We couldn't get out at all." Zhang fei some depressed look to zhuge liang, shu road characteristics, play in difficult, play out also difficult, if zhuge liang's purpose is just to keep pad river, nature is not afraid, wei military forces in elite also so little, this pad river city don't need to leave too many defenders to hold.孙玉国近况




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